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35 Things You Never Knew About ‘Friends’ … NO WAY At #10!

#6. Those sky rocketing paychecks!

The six cast members were paid $22,000.00 per episode in the first season. By the last season, they each received $1,000,000 per episode. The six actors always negotiated their salaries together, an unheard practise at the time. Kudrow said, "the six of us are far stronger than just one person."

Those sky rocketing paychecks!


#7. That cool couch.

The orange couch in the opening credits and in Central Perk was "discovered" in the basement of Warner Bros. studio. On the show, the couch was reserved for the characters given they lived upstairs and how Rachael worked the longest as a waitress in the coffee shop. The sofa is considered one of the most recognizable props in TV history.

That cool couch.


#8. Everything is better in sixes.

The six cast members would huddle together before shooting each episode. No cameras or other people were allowed. All six are still close to this day. Even the word,' friend' or 'friends' was spoken at least once in most episodes.

Everything is better in sixes.

1994 Warner Bros. Ent

#9. King-sized real estate.

The show was criticized for having the friends living in a huge apartment despite New York's high real estate cost. It is estimated, based on size, the apartment would cost approximately $3,500,000. Who knows how much that apartment would cost today?

King-sized real estate.


#10. A Tale Of Two Cities.

Despite the show being depicted in New York, it was actually filmed in California. Each 22-minute episode took five to six hours to film. The crew worked tirelessly to create an authentic Big Apple experience.

A Tale Of Two Cities.

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