By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

These Friendships Have Lasted A Lifetime, The Photos Will Melt Your Heart.

I ask myself, what would life be without friends? I honestly couldn't imagine living without some of my friends. Friendship is a beautiful thing and we have 24 reasons that will just prove that. Check them out.

#1. Best friends at 15 and 41.

#2. 20 years strong.

#3. Best friends at lunch then and now.

#4. Best friends for life!

#5. This girl and her lovely cat, then and now.

#6. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip 65 years together.

#7. Mother and son 21 ago and now.

#8. Father and son / grandfather and grandson.

#9. Sisters, every year since 1975.

#10. Mother and her daughter.

#11. This is what best friends look like at 10,17, and 29.

#12. 3 sisters.

3 sisters.

#13. Best friends in 1980 and 2009

#14. These guys took pictures with Santa every year since 1984.

#15. Grandma and grandson.

#16. From kindergarten to high school.

#17. 20 years has gone by and nothing has changed.

#18. Brother and sister.

#19. Giles and Michelle Paley-Phillips took a photo booth picture every year since 2000, when they started dating.

#20. A father and son in 1949, 2009, and 2011.

#21. A father and his daughter...BFFL

#22. Best friends and their cool rides.

#23. 20 years of family photos.

#24. These guys took pictures every 5 years for 30 years.

These guys took pictures every 5 years for 30 years.


If you haven't heard from some of your close friends in a while now is a good time to reach out and check up on them. Show them you care.

Source: viralnova.com