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By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

Best Friends Got Pregnant And Gave Birth On Same Day!

While they were pregnant, they kept tabs on one another.

Because they were going through the same thing, it was easy for them to relate to each other. This was especially true when they both went past their due date.

Both women ended up being induced, but in separate hospitals, a day apart.

"I remember texting her during labor being like, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,'" Alicia said. Nicole ended up giving birth to her daughter, Charlotte, only five hours before Alicia!

Then it was Alicia's turn to meet her baby!

"At one point she texted me [a picture of] her baby girl Charlotte and I remember saying congrats and then my doctor said, ‘It’s time to start pushing,'" recalls Alicia. Alicia then gave birth to her son, Anthony John.

The best thing about having a baby at the same time as your best friend is being able to rely on them to talk to.

"I really think having her to fall back on during those first few weeks is what kept me sane,” Nicole said. "We both try to be as positive as possible, seeing the funny in situations that could very easily make us cry if we didn't have one another to laugh with."

Everything was going smoothly for the women, that was until Alicia went through a heartbreaking experience.

In 2017, Alicia had a miscarriage. "Nicole was there for me the entire time. Again, she was my first friend I told when I was pregnant and my first phone call when I lost the baby," Alicia said.

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