Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

The Frog-Log Saves Wildlife From Drowning In Swimming Pools.

Aside from frogs, people would also find chipmunks, mice and other animals drowned in their pool.

“Pretty much any animal that walks around a suburban neighborhood could fall into a pool eventually,” Mason said.

Mason eventually built his first model out of some scrap foam in his garage.

He initially had his friends try his invention out and wound up making another after another. “I bought some foam and made more devices and got feedback from more friends,” Mason said. “It was pretty altruistic, just about helping animals.”

The FrogLog is an inflatable platform that has a mesh skirt, weighted pouch to keep it securely next to the pool's edge and a mesh ramp that connects the platform to the top of the pool.

Mason created the first prototypes by hand purely out of foam and fabric.

Frogs and majority of wildlife are more active at night than in the day.

Therefore, the best way to check if the FrogLog was working was to see if any small bodies were in the pool during the mornings. The pools were more clear than before!

Mason eventually began creating about a few hundred of the FrogLogs per year for people who wanted to help save animals from their pools.

At this time, he was still working out of his garage! As FrogLog began growing more popular, he made it official and had them commercially available for people all over the world.

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