By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

NHL Players Dancing In Tights To ‘Chandelier’ Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Ever See.

Interpretive dance and professional hockey does not mix. Chicago Blackhawks winger Kris Versteeg and Dallas Stars defense man Jason Demers along with two other buddies performed to Sia’s “Chandelier.” The Canadian pro-athletes let their sensitive side show through their skin tight unitards and masks. Their hilarious performance was a surprise gift for former San Jose Shark’s Devin Setoguchi’s wedding reception.

With only a few weeks to go for before hockey season starts, it may be best for these guys to spend more time on the ice than working on dance choreography. It's fair to say after watching this video, hockey players don’t look so tough anymore.

Watch an unexpected reunion at a hockey game, no less.

Source: HennFlix