By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s The Most Adorably Honest Photo You’ll Ever See… And Dad Is A Leading Politician.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter who your dad is or how important the moment: When you're a kid, you just don't feel like dealing with the bulls**t.

When Canberra MP Dr. Andrew Leigh tried to get his family on board for a Christmas card photo, his youngest son simply was not having it. Instead of waiting for a time when he was happier, or forcing him to smile, Leigh went ahead with the photoshoot. What resulted might be the best Christmas card photo we've ever seen.

"We had a photo shoot which of course involved everyone standing still and looking in the same direction," Dr Leigh said in an interview. "Zachary decided, not unreasonably, that was fun for a bit but he wanted to go and do something else and he was a little put out when the rest of the family didn't want to play."

It's true: This is the face of a kid who has arrived at his limit. Cheers to the family for playing along.

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Source: SMH