By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Of The Funniest Dog Fails Ever Captured On Video… #6 Will Make Your Day.

Dog owners like to brag, a lot! The boasting can be around a number of things: like their canines being the fastest, strongest or even the smartest; it really is a constant parade of gloating. For pet owners, it’s understandable to show off their pals because they are a member of the family. For those without pets, we might wonder what the big deal is about.

Some dogs just do not live up to their owners’ expectations. It seems all the training, tips and tutorials can’t hep some furry friends reach their full potential. Instead, mishaps of various hilarity occur whether they be a lack of coordination, persistence not paying off or dogs just having a bad day.

In that sense, maybe dogs are a lot like us. They too have their off days. One thing is for certain, they look a heck of a lot cuter when they’re not in top form than we do.

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Source: It's Compilated