By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Hilarious Gravestones That Are Funny Enough To Wake The Dead.

In a certain sense, our gravestone serves as the very last message we send to the world -- and the one that lasts longer than our life itself. Considering that, some people take a simplistic approach to choosing what goes on their gravestone: Name, lifespan, maybe an etching of an angel or two.

Others, though, use it as an opportunity to speak their minds when their minds are no longer with us. Sometimes, that manifests as a joke, a pun, or just a final declaration to anyone who will listen. The quality they all share is that they're quite entertaining, and we've put together an epic collection of them below.

These 24 gravestones are the perfect way to bid farewell to the world, and they will definitely put a smile on your face. From memorials on park benches to elaborate etchings on gravestones, these last messages will crack you up from beyond the grave.

#1. Roger is still scowling at you from beyond the grave.

#2. Here lies Smokey Weedman, who never met a blade of grass he didn't like.

#3. Good old Tits wasn't perfect, but that's what made him perfect.

#4. Never have we related more strongly to a dead person.

#5. It's pretty clear that the game of life was not his favorite to play.

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