By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Turns His 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Funny Sayings Into Giggle Worthy Illustrations.

Being a parent brings a lot of joy and fulfillment. What no one tells you are the odd, funny and sometimes completely inappropriate things that come of out a child’s mouth. As a parent, you too may catch yourself saying things to children that make you pause and giggle over their sheer absurdity. However, only through parenthood can one understand the context of such words.

Illustrator Martin Bruckner has taken the funny things uttered by his three-year-old daughter and the unusual things he has said to her and turned those memorable quotes into illustrated prints. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive by both parents and non-parents alike that Bruckner and his wife have an online store on Etsy where Bruckner’s quotes can be purchased. Bruckner’s store even offers parents to have their own quirky quotes immortalized in print.

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