By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Funny Photos Created With Lego Figures… #9 Is Hilariously Inappropriate.

There's an excitement that comes when opening a box of LEGOs and letting all the different sized blocks spill out. It has brought joy to children of all ages everywhere. Hours and hours are spent honing one’s creativity only to destroy the work to start again on something else that inspires us.

French photographer Sofiane Samlal aka Samsofy continues to play with the bricks and their yellow LEGO men and women, when he arranges them in cheeky situations for his work. Samsofy places the Danish pieces against real and large scale backdrops such as a cheesecake, a cat, or the street.

The images will take you to your childhood and you might be tempted to go looking for your beloved building blocks or maybe buying a whole new box.

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