By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

33 Absurdly Clever Tattoos. Some Of These Require Some Thinking.

People that love getting inked put a lot of thought and effort to get a meaningful tattoo. Parlours are used to clients showing up with a backstory, drawings, and clippings to ensure their vision comes out exactly as planned. For others, it may just be the thrill of getting a design on their bodies. Some, however, use comedy as a way to address obvious physical differences or just life choices in general.

Take a look at these clever tattoos. #21 is probably the most useful tattoo ever.

#1. My condolences.

#2. For those with peanut allergies.

#3. Action tat.

Action tat.

#4. That makes sense.

#5. And that's how he has a nipple.

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