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25 WTF Pieces Of Weirdness That Were Found In Serious Textbooks.

Majority of textbooks in all subjects have one thing in common: they're pretty boring. Who really enjoys reading a huge book filled with graphs, diagrams, and facts that have nothing to do with what actually happens in the world or one's life? They might as well be written by robots.

But it seems certain authors have gone rouge in their mission of boring students to their misery. They've taken it upon themselves to add some humor to the textbooks by inserting a witty caption or random photo here and there.

If you look carefully, you might even find a special gem in one of your textbooks! Take a look below at some of the funniest content people have found in various textbooks.

#1. It appears Tiger is traumatized from his time in the slammer.

Wait rewind, you can have a cat with you in prison?!

#2. It seems that fire is the second safest way to travel.

I think I'll take my chances with fire over a car or plane.

#3. Ummmm, I don't think that's how puberty works.

Both prepubescent and pubescent look kind of off.

#4. A woman saying "hello" to a random French couple in a bush.

I wonder what the couple were doing there.

A woman saying "hello" to a random French couple in a bush.

#5. A very pessimistic Economics textbook.

I thought these types of investments were supposed to be good ones.

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