By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

1939 Fashion Gurus Hilariously Predict The Future Of Fashion. You’ll Get A Good Laugh From This.

Half a century ago, people had some pretty interesting ideas about what the future would look like. Often, when discussing the years after 2000 AD, notions of robots, hover cars, and life on Mars would come to the forefront. We can't blame our grandparents for dreaming big, and in a lot of ways, their predictions are sort of right: Siri is a robot, hover cars exist, and life on Mars is becoming more conceivable every day.

Previous generations also had some keen ideas about what clothing would look like in the future, and surprisingly, these predictions are also not too far from the truth. See if you can spot some of today's trends in this 1939 video about futuristic fashion. I would totally wear that caped jumpsuit.

Here's how much women's fashion has changed over the last 100 years.

Source: Vintage Fashions