By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Items Of Insanely Brilliant Furniture That Will Give You Future-Envy.

Technology is advancing at a very rapid rate. Everyday we are introduced to new gadgets that are supposed to make our life a lot easier. I remember going to an office supply store with my father and my son to get a graphing calculator. My father told my son, when he was a young boy office supply stores did not exist because nothing in them had been invented yet. He used to dip Mary's braided hair in his ink pot at school. He may have embellished a little: but what a long way we have come just in my life time.

Below are some futuristic furnishings that are a reality today. Enjoy and think of what will come next.

#1. I-Sopod

I-Sopod is the developer of this futuristic, revolutionary, luxurious flotation system. It's built-in LED lighting system and MP3 player allow the user to transcend into an impenetrable sanctuary and experience profound relaxation.

#2. Brandt Aion Kitchen

Antoine Lebrun designed this futuristic kitchen dubbed the Brandt Aion Kitchen. This single appliance will use plants to filter water and the air. The appliance also includes a cooking surface and a sink. The dishes will be washed automatically using plant provided vegetable soap.

#3. Z. Island

Zaha Hadid designed the Z. Island. The Z. Island has embedded heating membranes, sound activators, aromatic scent dispensers and a complete multimedia entertainment system. The system includes a flat screen TV and an Apple Mac Mini.The Z. Island has two separate units: The cooking area (Fire) and the cleaning area (Water). There's more, it has a modular cabinet system for storage. WOW!

#4. Cloud

David Koo and Zheng Yawei have designed this "floating" Cloud. The bottom base generates a magnetic force that levitates the comfy upper portion. Sit, stretch or sprawl and the floating cloud will support it all.

#5. Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy

Edoardo Carlino designed this ultimate bed. This unique sleeping pod comes with a complete entertainment center. It has a projector, sound system, reading lamp and when you are ready for compete privacy, fully enclosing blinds.

#6. Concoon Bed

The Concoon Bed designed by Wasserbetten is just what you need for relaxation and rejuvenation. It has a unique ITW water mattress to give you feeling of weightlessness. It also is equipped an ITW surround sound system that can be used with or without headphones. What a way to relax after a long day!

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