By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘Hotel California’ Has Been Covered Thousands Of Times… But NEVER Like This.

Covering a well-loved, classic song is always a tricky thing to do, especially when the song is so familiar that one mistake can ruin the entire performance. When Gabriella Quevado set out to cover "Hotel California," that was the challenge she was up against. Luckily, Quevado is an incredible talent who has the guitar chops to pull it off. Her cover of the Eagles classic is simply going to blow your mind.

Notice anything unusual about her performance that took it to the next level? If you were too busy getting lost in the music to figure out what makes this so special, here it is: Quevado is actually playing the entire arrangement on her single guitar. She's got the vocal melody, guitar, bass, percussion, and a few background melodies, all in one fell swoop.

Essentially, Quevado is the Eagles in the form of one young, extremely talented woman. Simply amazing.

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Source: Gabriella Quevedo