By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Cat Is Lucky Enough To Travel The World… But Does It Make Him Smile?

Originally from South Korea, Gandalf the cat now lives together with his two humans in California. Their most recent adventure will reset your travel goals; they spent three months embarking on the ultimate road trip, stopping in a total of 9 US states!

The "Gandalf family" has soaked in the wonders of Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and Austin, Texas, among a few other popular sites. In terms of new experiences, the feline has explored trails, tasted snowflakes, and sat by a campfire -- which may not be uncommon for dogs, but are altogether rare for cats.

According to an announcement made on Instagram (@ganddygram), 2016 may be a little slower in terms of travel. The family is facing a long immigration process, but reassured that the adventures will continue once the papers are in order!

Live vicariously through Gandalf's travels here:

Happy Holidays from Gandalf, an adventure cat from South Korea!

Gandalf takes in sweeping views of the Grand Canyon.

Although the drought has brought on record lows in Folsom, he tries to make the most of it.

Gandalf glows as he awaits his star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

According to his humans, Gandalf loves the Bay Area because there are so many pet-friendly restaurants and cafés. His favorite past time, however, is chasing pigeons.

Oh, just enjoying the day in Tahoe! Don't worry, he isn't angry. He's just a model.

Pensive Gandalf in the middle of winter.

Excellent balancing skills at California's historic Gold Country.

Enjoying a campfire and the great outdoors in Mendocino County.

He is also a fan of driftwood.

Caught a bit of wind at Point Arena.

Spending time amongst these redwood trees was probably one of his favorite dates!

Searching for squirrels and rocking to live music at a park in Austin, Texas.

Gandalf found the artwork at Graffiti Park superb, but couldn't stand the sounds of the spray paint.

Gandalf remembers The Alamo.

Enjoying the best view in town at Mount Bonnell!

Scowling about the unpredictable weather in Texas.

Even when he's panting, Gandalf looks as gorgeous as ever.

Finally, back "home." This adventure cat wishes you a Happy Mew Year!

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