By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

Rarely Is A Garage Filled With So Much Terrifying Wonder… Luckily She Had A Camera.

This baby bear got stuck in someone's garage, but wait until you see how he escapes.

It was probably pretty scary to film the cute baby bear trying to find its way out, especially when mama bear started to open the garage door. I might have withstood the fear just to get that whole scenario filmed, but of course, the barking dog doesn't help to calm anyone's nerves. Also, it's a miracle the ladder didn't collapse on the car and set off the car's alarm! The person with the camera is lucky the mother didn't attack her because there's a very high chance they will attack to protect their cubs.

Many Native American tribes saw these kinds of bears as both incredible creatures as well as ones to respect and fear. They understood that they couldn't be taken lightly, so they would prepare bear hunts with the same level of precision and focus as they would for tribal wars, except they'd be in groups of 4 to 10. They also admired the intelligence of the black bear so much that they performed special rituals to pay tribute the ones they hunted by decorating their remaining hides.

Source: elliemaeejmc