By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Dropped His Wedding Ring Into A Garbage Disposal, How He Fixed It Is Incredible.

Many people don't wear expensive jewelry because they are worried it will be too hard to replace. After all, jewelry is expensive, small, and often delicate. Some of it also has sentimental value, making it priceless.

Such was the case for this man's wedding ring, which he accidentally dropped down a garbage disposal. The ring was so mangled, no one would have believed it could have been saved. However, when this restoration artist got his hands on it, he transformed it into something unbelievable. See how he did it below.

A man brought the restorer his wedding ring: It had been dropped into a running garbage disposal.

The damage was pretty bad. In fact, it was some of the worst the restoration artist had seen.

But the question remained: Could it be fixed?

First he needed to reshape it. He used pliers to force the ring open until it was wide enough to fit on a ring mandrel.

Then, he slid it on the mandrel to get to work.

Once the ring is on the mandrel, he used a goldsmith's hammer to beat the ring back into shape.

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