By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Live On A Landfill Site… And They Have An Unusual Orchestra.

Cateura, Paraguay, is a slum inhabited by approximately 2500 families. The entire slum is built on a landfill that adds up to 1500 tons of waste per day. Most of Cateura's families earn money by separating garbage from recycling.

One remarkable group of Paraguayans has created something beautiful out of these difficult circumstances. Watch the inspiring video below.

Landfill Harmonic is a documentary that celebrates the work of Favio Chávez, the orchestra that he founded, and the young musicians that play in it. The orchestra plays instruments created entirely out of trash, built by members of the community.

Chávez founded the orchestra over eight years ago. As an environmental engineer with a background in music, Chávez observed that over 40% of Cateura's children don't finish school because their parents need them to work in the landfills. What initially began as Chávez offering music lessons to local children has turned into something much bigger. On the Landfill Harmonic website, Chávez explained some of the difficulties they faced in starting this project:

At first it was very difficult because we had no place to rehearse and we had to teach in the same place where the parents were working in the trash. The children knew nothing about music and it was very difficult to contact parents because many of them do not live with their children.

Once the community began to see how much good Chávez was doing, many more people began to participate. Together, they have created something truly beautiful, meant to bring awareness to two important global issues: poverty, and waste pollution. They have also inspired Cateura's youth to get involved in music, bringing a glimmer of hope to an otherwise difficult existence.

The Landfill Harmonic documentary is currently in production and in need of funding. To contribute to this amazing project, visit the Landfill Harmonic website.

Source: Landfill Harmonic