By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Dug A Hole In The Ground, What He Put Inside Took Everyone By Surprise.

In yet another exciting development in the realm of independent farming and sustainability, the world was recently introduced to the Groundfridge. It's basically a modern take on the traditional root cellar, and it could change the way people eat, store, and grow food.

The Groundfridge was designed by Floris Shooderbeek with the modern chef in mind. It's useful for people in both cities and countries, and can be used for a variety of food-related purposes. Check out the images of this amazing new contraption below.

The Groundfridge is perfect for people who want to store food in a self-sustaining way.

“You can find rooftop gardens, urban farmers and all those kinds of activities,” Shooderbeek said in the promotional video. “I think that Groundfridge can contribute to this chain.”

The uses of the Groundfridge are customizable, depending on the needs of the owner.

The design is sleek, straightforward, and attainable for those who even have a small amount of space.

The cool earth in which the Groundfridge is buried help keep the food inside at an ideal temperature.

The Groundfridge can also be used year round, keeping all of its contents fresh and ready for quick use.

See more about the Groundfridge in the video below.

Have you ever seen the inside of an underground bunker?

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