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Police Dog Fired For Being ‘Too Friendly’ Found His Dream Job.

By now, you've might have heard about Gavel. If the name doesn't sound familiar, his back story certainly will. He's a German Shepherd that was formerly in training to become a police dog. However, he was fired and cut off from the training program due to being too friendly.

His story went viral on the Internet and gained a ton of sympathy from strangers all around the world. We're here today to inform you that Gavel does not need any of that sympathy because he has gotten an even better job that is perfect for his personality.

Meet Gavel, the German Shepherd.

Cute, isn't he? Apparently he's a little too cute (as if there was really such a thing). He was originally recruited for police work but wound up getting fired for being too friendly.

He wasn't tough enough for the police force.

But that's okay because his personality scored him an even better job in the world of politics.

It's clear now that Gavel was never cut out for catching criminals and sniffing out explosives.

You see, he's more of a belly rubbing, cuddling with strangers type of dog. Nothing wrong with that.

Before his actual training started, the police had big expectations from the German Shepherd.

A police statement said: "Gavel comes from a long line of pedigree . . . if the family bloodline is anything to go by, in 16 months Gavel will be tracking and catching criminals as a proud member of the Queensland Dog Squad!"

Unfortunately, the puppy cadet wasn't able to exceed nor meet his family reputation.

According to BBC, "He did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line."

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