By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Made All The Bridesmaids Wear Wedding Dresses, The Photos Are Unforgettable.

What imagery comes to mind when you think of a wedding? Most of the time, we think of a happy couple, a towering cake, and a fabulous white dress that seems to float down the aisle on a cloud of tulle and rhinestones.

Then again, if it's a gay couple's wedding, there probably won't be a wedding dress in sight.

Unless, of course, it's grooms Deri Rogers and Ben Wood's wedding. They knew that neither of them would be wearing a dress, but they definitely didn't want to miss out on the joy of having a white gown (or ten) for everyone to look at. That's when they came up with the most epic wedding idea ever.

This is Deri Rogers and Ben Woods. They look dapper on their wedding day, but naturally, there's not a wedding gown in sight. However, since both of them appreciate the look of a fabulous white ensemble, they got their wedding dress fix another way.

They decided to have their bridesmaids - all ten of them - wear wedding dresses.

The dresses made for some excellent photos.

Naturally, the bridesmaids had to ham it up a bit.

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