By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

Game Of Thrones Inspired This Artist To Do Something Astonishing With A Gel Pen.

Magdalena Korzeniewska (Bubug) is an illustrator from Poland. To achieve the incredible drawings pictured below, she draws with gel pens and then puts the work into a graphics program to touch them up and make changes. Her love of the worlds of fantasy and science fiction inspire most of her work, but she is also inspired by literature. You may recognize in some theses drawings a touch of Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire.

Magdalena does not consider herself an artist, but merely a geek who is inspired by fantasy and fairy tales. After viewing her work, I consider her an incredibly talented artist. Enjoy!

Sandor Clegane

Jack And The Fern Flower

InThe Gardens Of Eyrie

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