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By Huong Ngo

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20 Parents Who Have Nailed This Parenting Thing.

Kids aren't always easy to deal with. People should know this before diving into parenting. Although it may have a lot of its cherishing moments, it also comes with a lot of the horrific ones.

At certain times, a parent may even feel defeated by his or her own kid. It happens sometimes. The best thing to know is that you'll get through this whole parenting thing one day at a time.

Of course, some parents have become expert — especially when it comes to dealing with misbehaving kids. If you're looking for some inspiration with your own troublemakers, look no further. Check out some of the genius parents below.

#1. When your daughter is pulling a D- in math.

Solution: Steal her phone.

#2. The best way to teach your kids about taxes.

They won't understand through any other teaching method.

#3. Parenting through memes 101.

How else are you supposed to parent millennials?!

Parenting through memes 101.

#4. How to ensure your kid doesn't lose his trombone mouthpiece again.

He needs to understand how valuable this mouthpiece is.

#5. Meet Janiya, she was caught by her dad pretending to be 18 years old online.

As a consequence, her dad made a special t-shirt for her and made sure a photo of her in it circulated on the Internet.

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