By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This 104-Year-Old Is The World’s Best Dressed Man And He's Got More Swag Than All Of Us.

You've already seen what the fashionable grandmothers of New York City have to offer the world of street style. However, we've yet to see much focus on the male side of sartorial choices. Thankfully, we have this dapper German to keep our male-centric fashion curiosity piqued.

His name is Günther Krabbenhöft, and he is currently killing the street style game in Berlin. Krabbenhöft says that he dresses to express what he feels on the inside. That being said, his inner self has impeccable taste.

There's no doubt that this man has a way around the closet: Choosing an outfit like this is much more difficult than it looks.

The best thing about Krabbenhöft's style is his attention to detail. The small accents of this outfit are what really pull it all together.

And then there's his excellent choice of footwear. These boots are classic, chic, and also look pretty comfortable. In other words, it's a shoe trifecta.

Fashion might go through a lot of cycles, but Krabbenhöft's style remains the same. And with a look like this, why would you ever change?

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Source: uberlin