By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Neglected Horse Who’s Scared Of Humans Is Comforted By The Most Unlikely Of Friends.

Lexi the horse has had a pretty rough life. Though her previous conditions are unclear, her current foster family knows that she's been neglected and/or abused in the past. She gets extremely nervous around human beings and random objects, and sometimes, no one can get her to calm down.

Except, of course, for her best friend George. George is an alpaca, and he's by her side every step of the way.

The current fosters think that George and Lexi have spent their entire lives together, and somehow, George believes himself to be Lexi's bodyguard. The two have an amazingly strong bond - George stands in front of Lexi to protect her, seems to calm her down when she is agitated, and the handlers often hear the two of them "chatting" in the stall.

Take a look at the photos below - you're going to be so glad that the two of them have each other.

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Source: The Dodo