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By Lisa Be

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This 3-Month-Old Rhino Lost His Mother, But Found Love In Its New Home.

Last month a 3-month-old baby rhino was found crying next to his mother, who had been killed by poachers for her horn. Animal rescuers from Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre immediately came to the baby’s aid.

They named the special rhino Gertjie. He’s been adjusting to his new life, sleeping next to some of the staff, going for daily runs, and taking mud baths. Baby rhinos are only weened at 15 to 18 months so there was no way Gertjie could have survived on his own. The HESC will be his new home and he will be cared for there until he can be reintroduced into a wildlife reserve.

If you’d like to help Gertjie, please consider donating the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre to help them out with the fat-free milk and care he’ll need.

You can get the latest updates and watch Gertjie aka “Little G” live here.

Adine Rhoode lies with Gertjie at night because he’s afraid to sleep alone.

Gertjie already weighs 299 pounds.

He loves all of the attention he is getting from the staff.

He is fed fat-free milk and supplements every three hours.

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