Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

There’s An Entire Ghost Town Up For Sale Today, Just In Time For Halloween.

Looking for some real estate? There’s an entire town for sale, Johnsonville, Connecticut. It’s up for grabs today to the highest bidder by The bid will start at $800,000. The property is an assemblage of 8 parcels of land totaling 62 acres and includes a general store, a chapel, a stable, an old mill, a one-room schoolhouse, a mansion, a tavern, and a covered bridge.

The town has been vacant for 20 years and throughout its history it’s been abandoned three times. Back in the 1830’s, Johnsonville was a thriving mill town. People lived there until the 50’s. When work dried up because of modernization, people moved and Johnsonville became a ghost town.

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