Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Giant St Bernhard Gives His Tiny BFF A Ride Literally Everywhere.

Have you ever met someone and immediately thought that they need to be in your life? Not necessarily someone that you fall in love with at first sight but someone you just can see having a life-long friendship with. Well that's exactly how sweet little Japanese chin, Lulu, felt when she met Blizzard, the Saint Bernard.

Their friendship might come off ironic from a stranger's perspective as the two are completely different sizes, one tiny and one huge. But to these two, it makes perfect sense. In fact, because one is so much bigger than the other, it makes exploring easier for them as Lulu simply rides on Blizzard's back wherever they go.

As you can already see from the photos, Lulu's favorite position is on Blizzard's back.

She used to hang out on his back whenever he would lay down and over time she just grew comfortable in the position.

"When he stood up, she would jump around constantly to get on his back where she felt the most comfortable,’’ said the dogs’ owner, David Mazzarella.

“When Lulu met Blizzard for the first time I think she adopted him as a parent.”

Even though Lulu only weighs as much as a pack of sugar compared to 126 pound Blizzard, she immediately showed who was boss around here.

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