By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Perfectly Timed Photos Of The World’s ‘Largest’ Dogs, #16 Must Have A Huge Grocery Bill.

Sometimes we snap an image we don't expect: our pets appearing larger than life or out of proportion.To the experts, it's an easy explanation: the animal is closer to the lens than the other subjects in the photograph. To us animal lovers, our dogs are that large, at least, in our hearts.

Here's some cool photos that were taken at the perfect time to create the effect of a giant canine. Good thing it’s just the magic of photography, otherwise there would be some very terrified passersby.

#1. Giant patrol dog.

#2. It's not easy being this big.

#3. Just call me Goliath.

Just call me Goliath.

Jasmin Leonard

#4. Colossal canine.

Colossal canine.

#5. They said he'd only grow to about 40 pounds.

They said he'd only grow to about 40 pounds.

Bitter Pan

#6. We're going to need more dog food...

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