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These HUGE Animals Look Photoshopped, But They’re Completely REAL.

We know that there are a lot of big animals out there: The elephant, the blue whale, and the giant squid, just to name a few.

But what we don't think about is the fact that, just like humans, there are anomalies in the animal kingdom: Creatures that break outside of normal size conventions and grow to be unbelievably massive.

This list is a celebration of these animals, from the tallest horse in the world to the most enormous snail to a pig that weighs over 2,000 pounds. When we say these animals are big, we mean big. #17 is actually kind of mind-blowing.

#1. Coconut Crab

These massive crustaceans can get up to 9 lbs and 3 ft long, making them the largest living arthropod in the world. They get their name from their ability to crack coconuts with ease.

Coconut Crab

#2. Big Cow Chilli

Big Cow Chilli, also known as the gentle giant, is a 6-foot 6-inch bovine that weighs over a ton. According to his owners, he is very sweet and affectionate, despite his intimidating size.

#3. Giant Weta Cricket

Bigger than any other insect in the world, the giant weta easily fills up the hand of an adult male. In other words, this thing isn't like the cute crickets you're familiar with.

Giant Weta Cricket

#4. Moose the Horse

Considering the shear mass of this majestic beast, the given name is most accurate. Standing at an impressive 19 ft, Moose is basically made of pure muscle.

Moose the Horse

#5. Hercules Moth

This is one of largest moths in the world, measuring a wingspan of about 10 inches wide.

Hercules Moth

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