By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Fun Secret Santa Gifts Your Office Friends Will Actually Love.

It’s hard trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for family and friends. It’s not always about how expensive a present is but how it captures the person’s personality. One can spend hours in the mall, visiting aisle after aisle, and only to end up going home empty handed.

It adds to your budget and stress when your employment decides to throw a gift exchange or secret Santa in the office. After all, you know your fellow employees professionally but others you have no clue about.

May we suggest you recall past conversations you’ve had, or mannerisms you have observed. We all know the person who is always cold, the co-worker who cannot wait to tell you about the newest Game of Thrones episode, or the colleague who is always saving for a new vacation.

You will be surprised just how much you actually know about your colleagues. Here are some fun and useful gift ideas for just about every quirky and crazy personality you work with from Mondays to Fridays.

#1. For the adventurer who loves to rough it, gift a Lifestraw water filter that provides clean and safe drinking water.

#2. A wooden comb to keep the moustache and beard groomed everyday.

#3. The office rebel deserves a bag of coal soaps to keep clean while being a baddie year-round.

#4. For the frustrated photographer at work who just can't have any basic, boring lens cover.

#5. The fidget cube is for the individual who needs extra help to stay focused at work. Each side has something to play with.

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