Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Trolls Who Took Gift Wrapping To Ridiculous Extremes.

It seems like the concept of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning hasn't really changed much over the years... or has it? We always look for the biggest and prettiest wrapped presents under the tree because we often assume that it has the coolest gift. But it turns out that there's a deviant little troll among your clan. They're either working for Krampus, or the Grinch because they've decided to make your unwrapping experience a living nightmare. Using unique and inventive ways, they've either made it impossible for you to open your gift or they'll dash your dreams into a million pieces when you open them and realize that it's not the gift you were expecting.

#1. This troll added a little extra touch of evil to his gift wrapping.

You'll either need a good pair of scissors or a freaking chainsaw to cut through those annoying things.

#2. Now this just chained up! Whatever's in there must be very valuable.

But how the hell are you going to open it now? Clearly evil does exist in the form of whoever wrapped that chain around the gift.

#3. At last! Someone's getting that pet they've been bugging mom and dad for!

Uh, nope! It's just an iTunes gift card that someone wrapped up for their brother. What a sneaky bastard!

#4. Oh no! Ukulele didn't! They wrapped this one nice and good, but it didn't feel quite right to the touch.

When he opened the present he found that it was just cardboard in the shape of a ukulele. Fortunately, there was a t-shirt, beard oil and beer soap, which he wanted. So the gift wrapping troll was forgiven.

#5. Some of the best gifts are the biggest ones under the trees.

They're also the heaviest. Unfortunately, appearances can be deceiving. This troll decided to wrap a big old block of cement. But this could have totally backfired as the angry recipient could pick it up and throw it at the troll's head.

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