By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Traditional Wrapping Paper Is BORING… Here’s Some Funny Ways To Do It.

Holiday wrapping can get a little bit tiresome, and at a certain point we all become weary at staring at rolls of sparkly snowflakes and tiny Santas on our wrapping paper. One gift wrapper got so bored with it, in fact, that they decided to go another route entirely. What happened next is some of the most creative gift wrapping we've ever seen.

Equipped with some great ideas, some unconventional paper, and a few cool printouts, this person wrapped their presents in the most unusual of ways. Instead of looking like a bag of gifts, they looked like a bag of groceries. See how they did it -- and get some inspiration for your own unique holiday wrapping -- below.

Bored of the typical wrapping, this person decided to take their White Elephant presents and wrap them a little differently.

They wrapped one in yellow paper -- can you guess what it's going to be?

Maybe you can now: This printed packaging is a dead giveaway.

And the final product almost looks too realistic to be a gift.

Next came a printout of a steak, which is going to be used to wrap a book.

They placed the ham on a styrofoam plate, just like at the grocery store.

Finally, the present got wrapped in plastic wrap and labeled. Pretty cool, huh?

Then came time to wrap another book.

This one got the butcher paper/twine treatment.

How do you suppose this gift will be packaged?

That's right: Wrapped up just like a piece of trout.

For this present, the wrapper decided to go in a different direction.

Instead of meat, it's a giant candy bar.

And what would a candy bar be without a corresponding box of donuts (also containing a book)?

This present looks a little bit fishy.

But that's only because it's going to be made into a sushi plate.

This gift is a peculiar shape and size -- what could it transform into?

A piece of cheese, naturally.

The plastic wrap and label really makes it look authentic.

When it's time to transport your gifts, just throw them in a grocery bag and go!

Just try not to mistake these bad boys for your actual groceries.

This 2-minute video will take your wrapping skills to the next level.

Source: Imgur