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15 Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts That He'll Appreciate.

For many people, the person they call their dad is more like a hero than a man. He's easy to talk to and knows exactly what needs to be said. He's full of advice, wisdom, and corny jokes. And he's always there when you need him to be. It goes without saying that for some people, a dad is more like a best friend. Well, this Sunday is Father's Day, which means that it's time for you to show your dad how grateful you are for him. If you haven't picked out a gift yet because you're a little low on funds, then keep reading to discover some great gift ideas for the dads in your life.

#1. A Photo Collage of the Kids

There's nothing a dad likes more than seeing the fruits of his labor. Instead of buying your proud papa an expensive tie that he'll never wear, you could collect some of his favorite family photos to make a collage for him! Not only is it mostly free to make, but your dad will surely smile at the thoughtful gift.

A Photo Collage of the Kids


#2. Total Chore Takeover

Dads have a lot of responsibilities that they have to take care of. Instead of letting dad do the yard work this weekend, grab the lawnmower and do it yourself! Not only will he appreciate the break, but he'll also be grateful that you made the trip to his house to help.

Total Chore Takeover


#3. Help the Kids Write a Poem

When the kids are little, the responsibility of picking out gifts is put on your shoulders. This year, put their artistic talents to use and have them write a Father's Day poem in celebration of their very own hero. If they're younger ones, you could have them start out with "F" is for Fantastic, "A" is for Always there to help, etc.

Help the Kids Write a Poem


#4. A Hearty Breakfast

Most dads love to have a nice big breakfast, so get those kids up early this Sunday to have them help you out in the kitchen. The smell of bacon and coffee will get your hubby's day started off on the right foot!

A Hearty Breakfast


#5. Dad's Choice Movie Night

Dads put up with a lot, especially when it comes to letting everyone else choose the movie to watch on family night. This weekend, pop some popcorn and let dad choose a movie to watch for some good quality family time. Don't forget to buy some of dad's favorite candy, too!

Dad's Choice Movie Night


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