Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

20 DIY Last Minute Gifts That Everyone Will Love.

#6. Gemstone Soap

If you know someone who loves pretty soaps, make them a pretty soap yourself. Recreate these gemstone soaps out of soap base, soap colorants, and essential oils.

#7. DIY Stash Book

If you have an old book you no longer read, repurpose it into a secret stash book. Include a tiny keepsake or money.

DIY Stash Book

Sarah Lipoff

#8. Gingerbread Cookie Cityscapes

Transform a mason jar into a seasonal gift by putting a gingerbread cookie cityscape into it. It'll look like a snow globe without the snow.

#9. Scrabble Coasters

Take a few Scrabble tiles and put them together with glue and spray to turn them into coasters. You can spell out your best inside jokes!

#10. Gingerbread House Kit

For people who've always wanted to build gingerbread houses but never know where to start. Make it a little easier for them by making and providing them with a kit.

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