Terrified Elderly Cat (Cautiously) Trusts Humans After Years Of Abuse.

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In order for a relationship to be successful and lasting, it needs trust as its foundation stone. Unfortunately, once this is broken the damage is done. It takes time, patience, and lots of love to develop trust again. This also applies to the relationship between animals and humans.

Her life had been turned upside down when the elderly couple who took care of her passed away.

This feline named Cinammon felt it had reason to be mad at the world.

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

The elderly couple's family took the cat in. But she was abused and mistreated to great extent. The people removed the ginger cat from her own home, where she had spent 17 long years.

"I have never seen an angrier cat in my life. She was furious, confused and so lonely,” said Valia Orfanidou of The Orphan Planet.

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

That's when the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) stepped in. Cinnamon didn't want anything to do with people. The poor feline was traumatized because of her past experiences. She would just sit in the corner from a distance and look at the rescuers with distrust and anger. Additionally, her health was declining drastically. The rescuers worried for her mental and physical well-being.

"Months kept going by and all we could do is enter her room, ignore her as much as possible, clean up, change the water, and put the food on her plate and leave," Valia recalls.

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

Eventually, Cinnamon started playing when she was alone. The pile of toys that were put together for the ginger girl would often be found strewn around on the floor. Katie, the oldest volunteer of SCARS, was the only person that Cinnamon accepted. When her favourite human would come in the morning with the canned food of her choice, the ginger feline would often meow and rub around her legs.

"She started allowing you to sit next to her sometimes. She started eating in front of us, moving around in the room as if we didn't post much of a threat," SCARS admit.

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

It took another month for Cinnamon to come out of her shell. The wall she had built between her and her human friends had finally been knocked down. Now she meows at the door to greet her humans every morning, eagerly waiting for their company. Katie admits that "For months I believed that she was always a grumpy lonely cat even as a pet, but she wasn't."

"One day on December 28 I sat next to her like I always did. I used my sleeve as a shield and approached her neck. She didn't move," Katie says. "In fact, I think I even heard her purr."

The Orphan Pet / YouTube

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