By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Photos Have An Important Message About Redheads That Everyone Needs To See.

The redhead, or "ginger," has been the butt of a lot of jokes. While it might seem harmless, you have to remember that there are actual people on the receiving end of those jokes: people who have feelings, and people who don't deserve to be stereotyped and made fun of.

Lithuanian photographer Gabrielė Gurčiūtė has started "The Ginger Project," a photo series that aims to showcase the humanity and beauty of redheads, along with their unique locks. The project challenges the stereotype that redheads are somehow freakish anomalies, and instead casts a gorgeous light on the fact that they're just like the rest of us - just with a reddish orange twist. See the stunning portraits below.

“I created this project in order to change the common view about red haired people.”

“They are quite often discriminated or bullied just because of their natural hair color and unusual features.”

“Redheads are having hard times when others are making fun of them or calling them names just because of their hair.”

“That’s why I wanted to show redheads and their beautiful features in a series of portraits called “The Ginger Project.”

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