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23 Gingerbread Houses That Look Too AMAZING To Eat… The Last One Is A Work Of Art.

Gingerbread houses have been a Christmas tradition for years. Families and friends usually get together with a bunch of house making materials and become architects for a day. Maybe you’ve made your fair share of traditional looking gingerbread houses and want to take a different route this year – whether that be using nonconventional materials or creating a nonconventional house. Having the big extravagantly detailed house is always great but it gets old after awhile. We understand your dilemma and have already solved it for you.

Take a look at some of the nontraditional gingerbread house ideas below to help get you started.

#1. Make some beautiful cabin-like houses by using pretzels as the logs and decorating with the usual icing and sweets.

#2. Recreate this cute little town by using gum sticks as your foundation.

The gum sticks can make a brick wall and are perfect for a layered looking roof.

#3. For the healthier people, here's a veggie house made out of just carrots, celery, cucumber, and cream cheese.

#4. Make a miniature gingerbread house and then put it in a jar to make it look like a gingerbread snow globe.

It'll make the one little house you made look like it's in its own world.

#5. Use graham crackers to create various healthier gingerbread house alternatives.

You can use dried bananas, raisins, goldfish, anything you can think of!

#6. For the nerdier people, why not put your own geeky spin on your gingerbread house and turn it into a D20.

This one was also done with graham crackers.

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