By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Giraffes Hum To Each Other At Night, And It’s Way Cuter Than My Husband’s Snoring.

You can easily recall what sound a cow, dog, cat, or horse makes. However, if you're asked about the giraffe, things get a little...unclear. Do they bark? Meow? Whine, moo, or caw? Or do they simply make no sound at all?

For awhile, scientists had a hard time figuring it out. It seems like they should make some kind of sound, but many thought that because of their freakishly long necks, they were mute. Other scientists assumed that the sound they made were too low of a frequency for human ears to detect. As it turns out, giraffes do something totally unexpected.

A careful listen to over 1,000 hours of audio recording revealed that giraffes do something unusual at night. You can listen to a sample below.

Scientists aren't sure what the humming means: It could be snoring, and it could be a way for them to communicate when the lights are out. Either way, it's pretty cool to hear.

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Source: PBS