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28 Actresses From The Golden Age Of Hollywood, #12 Is Disarmingly Beautiful.

Hollywood's Golden Area spanned from 1930-1959. In the list below, we've included favorite actresses from the 30s and 40s such as comic genius Lucille Ball, best known for her role in I Love Lucy, and Anna May Wong, the first global Chinese-American movie star, who secured her first major role in the technicolor adaptation of Madame Butterfly, The Toll of the Sea. You will also find actress Rita Hayworth, born Margarita Carmen Cansino, who was a seasoned dancer, just like her parents, and the most popular pin-up girl during World War II.

We hope that these romantic early color portraits serve as an introduction, or in many cases a re-introduction, to these actresses and encourage you to read more on their individual stories.

#1. Gloria Swanson, ca. 1930s

Gloria Swanson, ca. 1930s

#2. Greta Garbo in the early 1930s

Greta Garbo in the early 1930s

#3. Dorothy Lamour, ca. 1930s

Dorothy Lamour, ca. 1930s

#4. Bette Davis, 1935

Bette Davis, 1935

#5. Shirley Temple, 1935

Shirley Temple, 1935

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