By Keith

LifeBuzz Staff

She Spent 5 Years In Her Kitchen With Millions Of Glass Beads… The Results Are Spectacular.

Liza Lou is a New York born artist who specializes in glass bead work. The following pictures show her projects titled "Kitchen" and "Backyard." Liza painstakingly places each glass bead individually, either with her fingers or with tweezers, into place. The exhibit "Kitchen" took Liza 5 years to complete. The work "Backyard" took additional 3 years. Every surface in the "Kitchen" and "Backyard" has been covered with a bead. Picture #8 will give you a perspective on the size of these two projects. These exhibits have been displayed nationally as well as internationally.

I don't think I could handle being on my hands and knees for 8 years. Nor, could I even imagine doing this delicate, intricate work while on my hands and knees. Enjoy the photos of the "Kitchen" and "Backyard."


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