By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

18 DIY Projects For Old Glass Bottles… #13 Is Exactly What I Need For Summer.

We've already covered plenty of things you can do with your recyclable plastic bottles, but there are also plenty of fun DIY projects that utilize glass bottles as well.

If you love drinking wine, beer, or simply have a lot of leftover glass jars and containers from your weekly groceries, these DIY projects just might inspire you. After all, glass is durable, looks great when used decoratively, and can even be upcycled more than once. For crafting types, it's incredibly versatile: There are so many interesting uses on this list,it will be hard to choose just one. #17 would give your backyard the best upgrade ever.

#1. Turn a few bottles into some amazing vases for your flowers.

#2. DIY a spectacular bottle lamp.

#3. Use an old glass bottle to store all-purpose cleaner.

#4. DIY an etched wine bottle dish soap dispenser.

#5. Put together your own DIY bottle art.

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