Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

25 DIY Glass Bowl Projects You Have To Try.

#6. Beach Theme

Make beach themed candle holders by adding sand and seashells to it! Best part about these items is that you can get them for free at the beach!

Beach Theme


#7. Cactus With Toy Car

If you have a bunch of miniature toys laying around, use some of them for your terrarium. Look at what big difference this little car made.

Cactus With Toy Car


#8. Bioattic Terrarium

Bioattic terrariums are typically beautiful mini landscapes. With so much nature within a confined space, the terrarium would instantly add life to any room!

Bioattic Terrarium

#9. Star Wars Terrarium

Transform any terrarium into a Star Wars scene with the right plastic figurines. For example, this Ewok is the perfect addition to this mini forest!

#10. Terrarium Lamp

Blend a terrarium with a lamp and you'll end up with a bright masterpiece. And you'll realize after you're done, that making it was well worth it.

Terrarium Lamp

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