Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

25 DIY Glass Bowl Projects You Have To Try.

#11. Colored Sand Terrarium

This one's mostly sand with a few air plants. But the sand is in various layers of multiple colors! It's a fun project that anyone could do.

#12. DIY Light Bulb Terrarium

Light bulbs are also a very unique base that can be used. These ones will add sunshine to your most cramped spaces.

DIY Light Bulb Terrarium

#13. Forest Creature Terrarium

This is a great piece for kids who love story time. Add figurines of forest creatures and lots of moss!

#14. Terrarium Table

Turn an entire side table into a terrarium! All it takes is six sheets of plexiglass and a wooden base. Imagine how great this would look in a living room.

#15. Mini Waterfall

Give your terrarium some added scenery by incorporating a mini waterfall, pond, or river. It's that little feature that brings the terrarium to life.

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