By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Glass Treehouse Will Give You Another Reason To Escape The Rat-Race.

It's a residential design unlike any we've ever seen, and the entire thing centers around nature -- it even encapsulates a massive tree.

Created by Almassov of A. Masow Architects, the four-story "Tree in the House" design was first conceived in 2013. Unfortunately, its initial investors pulled out, which left the project without funding. According to Almassov, one glass and solar panel manufacturer recently expressed interest in keeping the project alive.

Now, making their design a reality is conceivable again. We hope it happens soon, because this is one dream that absolutely has to become a reality.

The four-story home would be set in a rugged place in nature, ideally away from the distractions and stressors of bustling city life.

The entire structure would boast 360 degree views of the landscape.

In other words, every nook and cranny of the space would have an incredible view.

All of the floors are connected with an impressive winding staircase.

“We wanted to combine the capabilities of modern industrial design [with the] wealth and beauty [of the natural landscape], ” said Almassov in an interview.

"More importantly, it doesn’t harm [the] environment," he concluded. "This is an opportunity to escape from the sweltering concrete boxes and feel the present unity with nature.”

How amazing would it be to call this place home?

Source: Design Taxi