By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Photos That Prove The Matrix Is Real, And We’re Living In It.

Recently, I was sitting in a park, when I saw a blonde woman in a bright blue dress walk by, arm-in-arm with her boyfriend. Ten minutes later, I thought I was having a stroke: The same woman walked by, the same way, as if they hadn't previously walked by at all.

This is what we call a glitch in the Matrix.

Sure, it may have been a coincidence - but then again, was it? And what about these 30 photos below. Could they all be coincidences, photographs of two things so similar that you could swear you were looking at the same thing twice.

Don't worry: If you haven't recently hit your head, odds are, you aren't seeing double. Still, check out these hilarious photos and pretend like Keanu Reeves is just around the corner.







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