By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Glitter Roots Are The Latest Hair Trend… And It’s The Closest You’ll Ever Get To Being A Unicorn.

Following in the footsteps of hair trends that came before (ombre, mermaid highlights, and rainbow roots to name a few) comes glitter roots, the newest, sparkliest hair trick that is blowing up on social media.

To achieve the look, hair risk-takers are parting their hair down the middle (usually tying it up in two buns) and giving their roots a healthy does of glitter and shine. The effect looks pretty cool, but we can't help but wonder how they get all of this glitter out of their hair. It doesn't matter though, because for now it appears that the trend isn't going anywhere. Check out the photos below.

Hair goals. 📷: @thefoxandthehair

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It's a party in the back #glitterroots

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in case you've ever wondered what weird shit I do with my hair { #glitterroots #pinkhairdontcare #spacebuns #yooooo }

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