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Woman Uses Glitter To Make A Brutal Point About Female Beauty.

It may be 2016 but women are still being held to unrealistic expectations. Women continue to have to prove themselves in their personal lives, school, and careers. It’s not enough to be accomplished if you do not have your make-up perfectly applied, with bouncy hair, and wear the latest fashion trends with ease.

There is an unspoken rule in society where women are supposed to handle everything that comes their way while looking nothing short of beautiful. These standards are impossible to reach. The never ending pursuit of perfection ultimately lead to feelings of frustration and disappointment.

Hannah Altman’s photo series And Everything Nice showcases women in uncomfortable moments with their bodies and replaces them with colourful glitter. The photography student at Point Park University in Pittsburg says the project is an “is an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty.”

The 19-year-old puts her model in states of "affliction" with different types of body fluids like vomit, tears, and menstruation.

Altman says this is done "in order to visualise the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of what is actually happening in each scenario."

Altman posted her series on her Tumblr page and within 24 hours, the photos went viral.

"What began as a personal project shot in a college dorm has turned into a relatable and relevant statement that calls the perception of beauty into question," says Altman.

The models do not seem to recognize the difference between glitter and bodily fluids.

"Which supplements the idea that women have been conditioned to go to any length in order keep up an attractive appearance," says Altman. "The project is meant to raise the awareness of such a ridiculous standard, and to question its morality."

The photography student questions society's need to censor anything deemed dirty or uncomfortable in regards to the female body.

As a consequence women are taught and expected to hide anything that is considered less than flattering.

This type of censoring "feeds into the idea of boundless beauty leaking from the female body," wrote Altman on her site.

Altman released eight powerful photos in the And Everything Nice series.

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