By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

When The Sun Goes Down On The World’s Most Beautiful Beach… THIS Happens.

Every once in a while a photographer captures magic. For Remco Douma, a Dutch living in Uruguay, those perfectly timed moments came on Brava beach. The shoreline glows in with a fantastic blue light from a marine species called noctiluca scintillans.

The animal produces bioluminescence or has ability to glow in the dark. The ocean’s waves crashing against the sand combined with the twilight gives the strong effect of a magical night.

In our fast-paced lives where deadlines loom and we feel like we are enslaved by our phones, tablets and laptop computers, pictures like Douma's reaffirm there is still natural splendor to be enjoyed. Maybe it’s time to put down technology, for just a moment, and enjoy nature and our place in it. And maybe, if we have a camera in hand, we can capture amazing moment’s like Douma.

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